Grammar Rulebook

Alisa Gulyansky

1. Terminate Meter

in abolishing the patchwork of rigidity within a world craving anarchy,

we must retire the constraints of rhythm.

order seeks but to hinder the liberation of a people

held captive by the shackles of institutionalization;

a society in iambs is a society in ravages.

2. Split Infinitives

to bluntly assert the course of action to soon follow,

the english infinitive must be torn in two, a couple

whose union seeks to spitefully demolish the structures

upon which integrated coexistence is founded;

by tearing the walls of an entity exclusive of its partners,

we welcome harmony.

3. Abandon Punctuation

why are individuals to forcefully be guided by the confines of commas and exclamation points

instructed to blindly follow the tenets of a rulebook generations preceding had instituted

It is as if to purport that without the guidance of these microscopic units our existence is futile


we are capable of independence

4. Avoid Active Voice

illusions of superiority or perhaps power are given by assertions in the active voice

a dangerous denial of the very objects we are aided by to fluently form sentences

the elimination of the usage of an active voice by us acknowledges the assistance of all words

to form sentences producing a sounder, greatly appreciative people

5. Abolish Articles

Individuals are forced by anchors to falsely believe they are dependent solely on usage of insignificant auxiliary words as if fluency of language possessed by them is impossible without silly interdependencies

absurdities which language is infested by seek only to restrict our freedom as individuals

nod to overwhelming strictures imposed upon us in modern society

only by removing such unjust rulings will beacons of liberty be gazed excitedly upon by us

yet simultaneously unearthing inherent tapestry of pandemonium sought to only be concealed by superficial constraints of language